What Is A CaVstorm Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine?

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You are trying hard to exercise your body for the incoming festival party, but keeping on a diet and exercise offers little help fixing your problem. Perhaps there are reasons behind it. The traditional weight loss methods put your body in a protection mode, lowering the metabolism and making it hard for you to lose weight. Fortunately, the advancement of medicine has found a way to reduce fat, which will not render the body into a panic state.

Here, we would like to introduce a brand new machine of technological revolution. Namely, the newly upgraded 3.0 CaVstorm ultrasonic cavitation machine. But what is a CaVstorm ultrasonic cavitation machine?

theory of cavitation working

CaVstorm uses a gathered strong sound wave head, which can emit a sound wave of a frequency of 40kHz. When cells enter the body, it triggers strike and movement among the fat cells, effectively consuming the energy and intracellular moisture and decreasing fat cells. And when the sound wave divide, CaVstorm causes the cells to split and burst, and the number of fat cells lessens, thus inhabiting the fat.

using cavitation suction handle


What are the benefits of the CaVstorm ultrasonic cavitation machine?

New Ultrasonic Transducer

Based on the 2.0 cavitation technique, we redesign a new ultrasonic transducer which is much powerful than the old one.

The 2.0 cavitation ultrasonic transducer: only one point outputs power.

The 3.0 cavitation ultrasonic transducer: the power output covers all the transducers.

Work Efficiency

The ultrasonic transducer has a more robust power, saving more time and improving efficiency.

Low-cost Handpiece

The handle is made of high-quality and energy-saving material, lowering the loss rate.

Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe/Two Functions Offer Double Effect

The Storm vacuum accumulates cellulite, and then the Cavi blasts them collectively. Thus, achieving unexpected weight loss.

What are the matters needing attention before using the CaVstorm ultrasonic cavitation machine?

1. Clean the skin and apply a proper amount of skincare products to ensure the equipment can work properly before using it.

2. Remove metal jewelry from the body to weaken the adverse effect of ion pulse before using it.

3. Sensitive skin may experience slight swelling after using CaVstorm, which is a normal phenomenon and will vanish instantly.

4. It’s advised to use the Strom vacuum and Cavi probe to blast the fat not more than two times a week.

5. During the operation of the Strom vacuum and Cavi probe, a medium like gel must be used. Otherwise, the instrument may get damaged.

6. During the operation of the Strom vacuum and Cavi probe, some people may experience drumming in the ears, which is a normal phenomenon because the waveband has already beyond the range of the sound wave that a human can detect.

7. The Storm vacuum and Cavi probe can not be used on the head(parts above the neck).

How many body parts can be treated with the use of CaVstorm?

A one-hour treatment can cover body parts of medium size, such as the abdomen, the inner or outer sides of the thigh, buttocks, or back. And it can also be used for treating a smaller area, such as the chin or upper arms. It’s advised to treat the same area multiple times to achieve the best effect. For example, the excess fat on the abdomen needs to be treated 3 to 6 times. While for a larger area, it needs to be treated more times.

Does CaVstorm ultrasonic cavitation make the skin slack?

Although some rapid weight loss treatments may cause the skin to droop, ultrasonic cavitation can firm the skin and muscle tissue, including the flabby skin produced by previous weight loss treatments. The actual effect may vary.

Can everyone take the Cavstorm ultrasonic cavitation treatment?

The ideal person to take the treatment are usually in good health and a little bit overweight. Those in pregnancy, lactation, taking an anticoagulant, with a heart pacemaker or other metal implants should not use it. Some other situations may also be negatively affected by ultrasonic cavitation. For example, those who had an operation recently, has an infection, infectious disease, impaired lymphatic system, immune deficiency, or severe health conditions(like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, high or low blood pressure, hemophilia, or tuberculosis). If you are not sure whether you can take the treatment, please consult a doctor first.

Weight loss is not only for wearing sexy clothes. Losing the excess weight will bring you a better health condition, less pain, more vigor, and higher esteem. If you want to know more about ultrasonic cavitation, please email(caroline@mychway.com) me or message me over Whatsapp(+86 189 2675 3857)

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