Body Contouring Machines

Why Choose Cavitation Machine Unoisetion For Body Contouring ?

Cavitation is a safe FDA approved procedure. Since it is non-invasive,pain-free,less noise new technology of unoisetion The machine is versatile, provides comfortable experience for your clients or yourself portable so you can move it from room to room, and easy for you, the body contouring technician Cavitation 2.0 make less noise and Better transmission of ultrasound energy to body for better results

What Is Cavitation Machine ?

Cavitation is a popular and essential body slimming treatment available in spas and clinics worldwide. As we all know, the unoisetion cavitation adopts the latest low frequency wave of cavitation 2.0 technology more effective Meanwhile, then the high frequency radio frequency also help improves the elasticity of the skin in order to help with body sculpting/shaping.

Why Choose Cavitation 2.5 Series Machine For Body Contouring ?

Hot selling upgraded version with touchscreen interface control, full of flexibility and technology sense The design of the grip on the handle has added a grip that conforms to artificial anatomy Cavitation 2.5 has a higher power output compared to regular Cavitations, and can achieve better results under the same operating time

Aristorm S-shape Machine

Why Choose Aristorm S-shape Machine ?

It Use Cavitation 30K for Deep Stubborn parts Shaping

Newest CaVstorm Ultrasonic Cavitation 3.0 Machine

Especially suit for beautician

This adopts a column type ultrasonic output mode, replacing the original single point output mode. Making the entire contact surface of the handle output can achieve better, more uniform, and faster results