What is muffin top? How to get rid of muffin top?

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Are you worried about how to get rid of the muffin top? In this article, we’ll dive deeply into this topic exploring what is muffin top, its causes, and some of the solutions to get rid of it.

muffin top cake

What Is Muffin Top?

The term "muffin top" refers to the extra fat that collects around your stomach, just above your hips. It resembles the portion of a baked muffin body shape that spills over the top. When you wear tight-fitting clothes, then you feel uneasy because it extends past the waistband. 

muffin top body

Fortunately, we have a variety of solutions to this annoying issue, thanks to modern science and medicine. Now you can lose the muffin top body by reading the guidelines provided in this article. So keep reading and get a chance to learn about how to get rid of loose muffin tops.

What Are The Main Causes Of Muffin Top?

Muffin Tops can be caused by different factors including our hormones and diet. It can be difficult for women to lose weight when they don't know why they're putting on weight. Here are mentioned some causes of muffin top body shape.

1. Genetics

Genetics plays a significant role in our muffin top body shape. Some people have genes that cause them to have more belly fat. It appears as an apple shape. Sometimes, a slow metabolism can gain weight. The unique chemicals in our bodies that regulate where fat is stored can be impacted by genetics.

2. Lack of Exercise

When you don't exercise, your body doesn't burn calories as effectively, which results in extra fat being stored around the waist and a muffin top. Exercise supports healthy metabolism and stress reduction both of which play a role in managing weight and body shape.

lack of exercise

3. Poor Diet

An unbalanced diet can affect your body. A muffin top can result from a poor diet that is high in unhealthy foods and excessive calorie consumption can result in fat storage around the waist.

4. Hormonal Changes

Some special messenger chemicals in our body are called hormones. Changes in these hormones can occasionally cause a muffin top or extra fat around our waists. Stress is also the cause of hormonal imbalance as it promotes the release of cortisol and it ultimately can cause muffin top body shape. Cortisol and insulin are two of the hormones that affect both how and where fat accumulates in the body.

5. Aging

As we get older, our bodies also change with time. Even though aging can have an impact on your body, and can make weight management hard you can still maintain a healthier weight by eating well and staying active. As you age, your lifestyle decisions can have a significant impact on your health and body shape.


6. Pregnancy

When the baby is growing inside the mother’s tummy, her body stores additional fat and water for the growing baby. Some of this extra material may remain in the stomach region after delivery and result in a female muffin's top body shape.

7. Lack of Sleep and High-Level Stress

When you don’t get enough sleep in 24 hours, then your body will be affected. The excessive calories you consume during this time may accumulate around your waist and give you stubborn belly fat.  Your body releases the hormone cortisol when you're under a lot of stress and may store more fat as a result of this hormonal imbalance, especially fat around the waistline. 

high stress

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Muffin Top?

Like removing double chin, it can be difficult to get rid of extra fat spills or subcutaneous fat that collects on your waist or in easy words it is hard to lose a muffin top. But why? Normally weight reduction occurs overall from the body and not from a specific point like the muffin top. It's also challenging because your weight is influenced by a variety of factors, including what you eat, how active you are, how well you sleep, how are your genes playing, how are your hormones working, what is your age, how stressed or relaxed you are, and all of your lifestyle habits. 

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How to Lose Muffin Top?

If you follow a fat reduction procedure with a balanced diet, you can lose body fat. You should eat fruits, lean protein, and eggs. Lower your stress with yoga and meditation, then you can decrease cortisol production. 

Keep practicing your healthy habits consistently and with patience. Results don't appear right away. You can achieve your goals if you follow the proper guidelines from an expert consultant. Here are some guidelines: 

Exercise for Muffin Top

Regular exercise is good for visceral fat. Exercises that strengthen your core and aid in calorie burning are part of the process of exercising to lose a muffin top.

bicycle crunches

Muffin Top Workout 

If you perform a muffin top workout 3-4 times a week with the best diet, then you can reduce fat accumulation. A combination of leg raises, bicycle crunches, and planks can work to reduce your muffin top. High-intensity interval training workouts are good for toning your waistline and burning abdominal fat.

Non-Invasive Methods

If you follow non-invasive methods, you can lose the muffin top without any use of surgery. Some specific non-invasive techniques are mentioned under this, although exercise and diet are also non-invasive:

  • Cavitation machine

  • A non-invasive medical device called a cavitation machine is used for body contouring and fat reduction. It operates using a technique called ultrasonic cavitation.
  • Lipo laser machine

  • A Lipo laser machine uses non-invasive technology to target areas like the muffin top and contour the body.
  • EMS Machine

  • Your muscles receive minute electric signals from an EMS machine. When you exercise, your muscles contract and relax in response to these signals. This can help your muffin top area look better by strengthening and firming the muscles there.

muffin top before and after

(muffin top before and after)


A balanced diet keeps your body healthy and fresh and also removes the fat from the area around the midsection. You can lose the muffin top body with a regular diet. 

healthy diet

Pills or Surgery

It’s very important to consult with the surgeon before the surgery for the muffin top. They can evaluate your unique requirements, health situation, and aesthetic objectives to advise you on the most suitable and secure method for dealing with your muffin top.


Muffin top vs Love Handles: Are They the Same Thing?

The extra pockets of fat known as "love handles" are located on the sides of the waist, just above the hips. You can seize or squeeze them. The majority of these lumps are caused by excess fat in that area.

When wearing tight clothing, your belly fat is compressed, causing it to spill over your waistband like a muffin top. Love handles are similar to extra fat on your sides and can appear whether or not you're wearing tight clothing. Thus, the love handles are simply the extra fat on your sides, whereas the muffin top is about how it appears when wearing tight clothing.


Q1. Why am I skinny but still have a muffin top?

You can have a muffin top even if you're very thin because your body stores fat in the belly area. 

Q2. Can muffin top return?

Yes, if you gain weight, especially in the midsection, a muffin top may reappear. 

Q3. Is a muffin top the same as belly fat?

A particular kind of belly fat is called a muffin top. It is the fat that bulges out past the waistband of constricting clothing.

Q4. Why do I grow muffin tops without eating a lot?

Lack of physical activity, stress, and changes in hormones can grow muffin tops without eating a lot. 

Q5. Is muffin tops fat on my hips or waist?

It is fat around the waistline. When wearing tight clothing, the fat causes a bulge or "spill" just above the waistband of skirts or pants and resembles a muffin top.


In conclusion, a muffin top is a slang term for the extra body fat that causes your waist to protrude above your pants like a muffin bursting from its paper wrapper. Numerous factors, including your family history, insufficient movement, and stress, can contribute to it. It can be beneficial to eat well, move your body, and alter some lifestyle habits to lose body fat but keep in mind that mostly it will be overall weight reduction not a particular spot reduction.

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