Understanding the Differences: 30K vs. 40K vs. 80K Cavitation Machines

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Cavitation machines are no strangers to most people, but those of you who are observant may notice that there are many different types of cavitation machines in the market. You will come across different numbers: 30K, 40K, 80K. What do these numbers mean? What are the differences among 30k cavitation, 40k cavitation and 80k cavitation machine? And how do you choose the right cavitation machine for yourself? This article will provide you with the answers.

Question about the differences among these cavitation

What Is Cavitation Machine and How It Work

Ultrasonic cavitation, also known as ultrasound cavitation, utilizes low-frequency sound waves to generate a vacuum-like effect that targets and reduces stubborn body fat. This non-invasive technique is effective in addressing localized fat and cellulite. The fat cells will settle in the urinary and venous systems. Then they will turn into glycerol and free fatty acids. The body will take in the glycerol, but it will get rid of the fatty acids. Widely adopted in beauty salons and hospitals, ultrasonic cavitation has gained popularity as a prominent method for fat reduction and body contouring within the beauty industry. Suggested Read: How Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Work to Remove Fat?

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What Do 30K, 40K And 80K Mean?

These numbers are all mean the frequency of ultrasound waves created by cavitation machines. 30K, 40K and 80K means different frequency. 30K is the minimum frequency, while 80K is the maximum frequency. This actually implies a principle of physics: the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, and therefore, the shallower the penetration into the fat layer. If you want to target deeper areas of the abdomen, you would need to choose a machine with a lower frequency. Otherwise, a higher frequency cavitation machine can help you reduce the fat cells from shallow body area.

What Is The Differences Among Different Frequencies of Cavitation Machines?(30k vs 40k vs 80k cavitation)

About the differences, 30K vs 40K vs 80K, there are two aspects to analyse: functions and using experiences.

30K cavitation machine:

Cavitation machines operating at a frequency of 30K are suitable for individuals with a higher amount of body fat. The lower frequency waves can penetrate deeper into the adipose tissue, effectively targeting and breaking down larger fat deposits. This frequency is generally more effective for individuals with a substantial amount of excess fat.

In terms of sensation, it may be associated with a stronger vibration or tingling feeling during the treatment. Some users may experience a moderate level of discomfort or a slight sensation of warmth as the low-frequency waves penetrate deeper into the adipose tissue.

Here we recommend you our best 30k cavitation machine: MS-45T6SB 

30k cavitation machine: MS-45T6SB

40K cavitation machine:

Cavitation machines operating at a frequency of 40K are suitable for individuals with a moderate amount of body fat. The slightly higher frequency waves are effective in targeting and breaking down medium-sized fat deposits. This frequency is generally suitable for individuals with a moderate level of excess fat.

Users may experience a slightly milder sensation compared to the 30K frequency. The vibrations and tingling feeling may be less intense, and the discomfort level may be reduced. The sensation of warmth may also be less pronounced.

 80k cavitation machine

80K cavitation machine:

Cavitation machines operating at a frequency of 80K are suitable for individuals with a lower amount of body fat. The higher frequency waves are more focused and effective in targeting and breaking down smaller fat deposits. This frequency is generally preferred for individuals with a relatively low level of excess fat.

When using an 80K frequency machine, the sensations experienced during the treatment are typically minimal. Users may feel mild vibrations or tingling sensations, but discomfort is usually minimal. The sensation of warmth is generally less noticeable compared to lower frequencies. 

We are confident that our state-of-the-art 80K cavitation, the MS-55T7, equipped with radio frequency and vacuum therapy machine, will prove to be your top choice.

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How To Choose Different Frequency Cavitation Machines?

Treatment Goals: Determine your specific treatment goals and the areas you want to target. Are you looking to address deeper fat deposits or focus on smaller, localized areas? This can help guide your frequency selection. If you want eliminate the fat cells from your abdomen, you can choose 30K cavitation machine. Here we recommend you our best 30K cavitation machine. 

Body Composition: Assess your body composition, including the amount and distribution of fat. If you have a higher amount of excess fat or want to target deeper layers, a lower frequency machine may be more suitable. If you have a lower amount of body fat or want to fine-tune specific areas, a higher frequency machine may be preferred. If that way, 80k cavitation machine will be your best choice

Professional Advice: Consult with a qualified professional, such as a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist, who can assess your individual needs and recommend the most appropriate frequency for your desired results. They can consider factors such as your body type, treatment area, and any specific concerns you may have.

Product Quality: Ensure that the cavitation machine you choose is of high quality and from a reputable manufacturer. Read reviews, check certifications, and seek recommendations from trusted sources to ensure you invest in a reliable and effective device.

Personal Comfort: Consider your personal comfort level and sensitivity to the treatment. Some individuals may prefer lower frequencies due to the associated sensations, while others may tolerate higher frequencies better. It's important to choose a frequency that you feel comfortable with during the treatment process.

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  • Is The Higher Frequency More Harmful To The Human Body?
  • No, higher frequency alone does not necessarily make it more harmful to the human body. In the context of cavitation machines, higher frequency refers to shorter wavelengths, which typically penetrate less deeply into the body compared to lower frequencies. The choice of frequency should be based on the desired treatment area and the amount of body fat.
  • Is 80k Cavitation Machine better than 30K and 40K ?
  • In fact, different frequencies of cavitation machines only have functional differences, without any superiority or inferiority. The key is to determine which frequency is suitable for your needs. Choosing the frequency that suits your requirements is the most important factor.
  • Is 30k cavitation machine more effective than other two models? Because it has the longest wavelength.
  • Different frequency has its different functions. We do mention that the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. But it doesn’t mean 30k will be more effective than 40k and 80k cavitation.
  • Is cavitation gel needed for cavitation treatment?
  • Yes, conducting gel is typically used during cavitation treatments. It is the medium of ultrasonic waves for better reducing fat cells. Also it is helpful for lubrication and skin protection, avoiding skin burning and irritation.
  • What should I do if I feel my skin burning or squeals in the inner ears?
  • First, it is rare to experience these feeling when using cavitation machine. But if you do feel them, please make sure you use the machine properly. Turn off the machine and ask doctors for professional advice.

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