Skin Care Tips In Autumn

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The climatic conditions are different every season. For example, from summer to autumn, the weather changes greatly. At this time, the weather becomes very dry. Many friends don't know how to skincare. Then we will introduce them in detail. How to skin care in the fall, at the same time will talk to you about the skin care of different skins, want to learn skin care methods to see the following.

1. The Method Of Autumn Skin Care

There are still many methods of autumn skin care. In the autumn, the weather will be particularly dry. At this time, it is necessary to add more water. Drink water regularly to improve the skin. Also pay attention to the diet, because the autumn is very dry, this time you can eat some hot and moist fruits, such as apple pears, etc., you can also eat some vitamin c rich in vegetables and fruits. In addition to this, we must do a good job of sun protection. The ultraviolet rays in autumn are still very strong. In addition, we must ensure that we have enough sleep. Because autumn is particularly susceptible to allergies, allergic friends should stay away from allergens.

2. The Skin Care Focus Of Different Skin Is Very Different From The Skin Care Focus Of Different Skin

For example, if it is a neutral skin, then when it comes to nursing, there is not much problem as long as it is properly cleaned and sunscreen. If it is dry skin, it is necessary to focus on the work of cleaning the horny, so that the skin's metabolism speed will be faster, but also pay attention to sunscreen. In addition, pay attention to the moisturizing and moisturizing of the skin during normal skincare. For oily skin, cleansing should be done in place, as well as inhibiting the secretion of oil.

The content presented above gives a general introduction to the method of autumn skincare. If you want to know more, you can consult me.

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