How To Lose Weight With Cavitation?

by zhanray

Working Principle of Cavitation

Cavitation with a sound wave of a certain frequency and energy generates lots of gaps in  liquid inside and outside fat cells. When these gaps get blast, the gathered ultrasonic  energy emit to the surrounding area. Obstinate fat, cellulite and cellular tissue, under the strong vibrational wave of cavitation, rapidly vibrates fat, thus producing cavitation. When its pressure reaches a high level, fat cells get burst and emulsify, and then expel from the body through various detox system, leaving no fat inside until all the fat are truly removed and permanent weight loss is achieved. This technique causes no injury to tissue, subcutaneous nerve, blood vessels and lymph. In addition, skin lifts and tighten due to the effect of ultrasound.

theory of cavitation in fat reduction

The Advantages of Cavitation

  1. It has replaced and surpassed liposuction.
  2. It firms slack skin, enhances body metabolism, and accelerates the elimination of internal wastes and dampness.
  3. It relaxes muscle and relieves muscle spasm.
  4. It reduces the weight of whole body, rapidly removes fat, sculpt waist and abdomen, buttocks and legs.
  5. It effectively improves local buttocks and reduces cellulite of thigh, and meanwhile fixes problems as slack abdomen after child delivery or liposuction.

Matters Needing Attention of Cavitation

  1. To clean skin and apply a proper amount of skin care products to ensure the equipment can work properly before using it.
  2. To remove metal jewelry from body to weaken the adverse effect of ion pulse before using the equipment.
  3. Sensitive skin may experience slight swelling when having the treatment. It’s a normal phenomenon and it will vanish instantly.
  4. It’s advised to use 40K cavitation not more than 2 times in a week.
  5. A medium as water must be used when operating ultrasound or 40K cavitation, otherwise it may causes loss to the equipment.
  6. Some clients may experience drumming in the ears when using 40K cavitation, which is a normal phenomenon since the frequency of these cavitation machines have exceeded that of sound wave that acceptable to human body.
  7. It’s prohibited to use the 40K handle on head(body parts above neck). Don’t use it on glottis and sexual organs.
  8. To replenish water after the treatment.

Who Are Not Allow To Use 40K?

  1. Pregnant women.
  2. Women in menstruation.
  3. Those with epilepsy.
  4. Those with malignant tumor.
  5. Those with acute inflammation.
  6. Those with heart disease, or heart pacemaker.
  7. Those with kidney stone.

Matters Needing Attention For 40K

  1. Special ultrasonic gel must be used.
  2. Avoid bumping your head.
  3. To prepare enough gel to prevent head scalding.
  4. Don’t leave the device on the same place.
  5. Avoid having the device aimed at bones.
  6. It’s advised to clean head with wet cotton or dry towel. Do not clean the head with disinfectant.
  7. Turn the handle off if it has been used for a long time.
  8. Remove all the metal ornaments from operators and clients before treatment.
  9. Stop using the device for about 10 minutes if it has been used for 1 hour without stop.
  10. Do not have other treatments during the process.

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