Four Golden Rules For Winter Weight Loss

by zhanray

If you feel like the plummeting temperatures aren’t motivating you to work toward your winter weight loss goals, the following tips can help you overcome those barriers to achieving a flat belly.

Try out new indoor activities: Use colder days as an opportunity to try out new indoor physical activities. You can run or walk up and down the stairs in your house or apartment building for a great high-intensity cardio and leg workout. Dancing, martial arts, and yoga are some amazing indoor activities to stay active and warm in cold weather.

More whole foods: Consume more whole foods, particularly veggies, and cut back on highly processed and sugary foods. You don’t actually need to count calories to lose weight - if you eat healthy and right. A golden rule is to aim for a half-plate of veggies in your main meals - lunch and dinner. Including vegetables and fresh fruits in your breakfast is always encouraged.

Be carb smart: Carbs aren’t the enemy, but too many, especially the wrong kind, can be unhealthy. This can lead to high blood sugar levels and cause your body to make more insulin, which can result in weight gain. This happens when the cells absorb too much glucose and the body turns this into fat. What’s important here is which ones you choose and the quantity. Choose healthy carbs from vegetables and fruits that satiate and promote weight control. Swap white bread for whole wheat bread or regular pasta for whole grain pasta, etc. Carbs are your body’s main source of energy, the key here is to get smart on them.

Fill up your plate with protein and fibre: Studies have shown that eating a high-protein diet can aid weight loss. Proteins also help build lean muscle, increase metabolism and keep you full for longer. Similarly, eating a diet high in fibre, particularly insoluble fibre, can improve digestion, reduce your risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases. It will also help you feel full on fewer calories and stay satiated longer, resulting in better weight loss and more optimal body fat reduction.

Truth is, a healthy diet alongside regular physical activity can help you get leaner and fitter.

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