Cavitation 3.0 Series Launched

by zhanray
We have recently designed and launched a series of Cavitation 3.0 fat-reducing machines. And also, we redesign new ultrasonic transducer, which is more powerful than the previous one.


How Does The Cavitation 3.0 Machine Works?

How Does The Cavitation 3.0 Machine Works?

The Cavitation 3.0 machine can produce up to 40,000HZ ultrasonic waves, which can bring strong impact to adipose cells and make friction occur among them after entering human body. In this way, energy and water can be effectively consumed and those cells will be shrunk. Fat will be transferred to liver and then be disposed of as waste. Specifically speaking, tens of thousands of “bubbles”(vacuums) will form due to liquid vibration after ultrasonic waves act on human body, which will be compressed or stretched under air pressure. When they burst, there will be pressure of tens of Mpa to hundreds of Mpa produced as well as some degree of noise.

What Are The Advantages About The Cavitation 3.0 Machines?


In the cavitation 3.0 machine, one handpiece has two functions. Taking the MS-23T1S for example, it has three handpieces, which combine the functions of Storm Vacuum&Cavi, Storm vacuum&RF and Storm BIO&Photon respectively. This feature can meet all basic needs in reducing fat and greatly improve treatment efficiency, making beauticians perform treatment more easily.

2.Reduce cellulite and firm skin

Those machines can help reduce fat and even the stubborn cellulite to firm and smooth skin. You can use them to reduce unwanted fat on almost every part of your body such as chin, arm, leg, abdomen, and back

3.Great effectiveness and quick effects

Unlike taking exercise and going on a diet through which it takes a long period of time for you to see effects, this ultrasonic cavitation treatment makes it reality to see effects in several courses of treatments.


Though this treatment is effective safe, many may ask: is it really painless? The answer is positive. It is a non-invasive, painless treatment that can replace liposuction, requiring no downtime and leaving no scars.

Ultrasonic cavitation treatment is widely regarded as a low-risk beauty treatment. There is no need for anaesthesia before treatment. You may feel heat and hear buzzing sound during the treatment. Some may experience tinnitus, which is normal due to the property of ultrasonic waves. Pains or bruises will not appear after treatment. You can drive home

The commonly seen side effects include: redness, blood stasis, headache. Sensitive may experience mild conditions of redness and swelling after treatment, which is normal and will disappear in 2-4 days.

What We Should Pay Attention To If We Take ThisTreatment?

  1. Cleanse skin and apply some skincare product before treatment to make sure the treatment can be performed smoothly
  2. Remove metal ornaments on your body before treatment to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment
  3. Sensitive skin may experience slight redness after the treatment, which is normal and will disappear very soon.
  4. It is recommended that you should use the Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe no more than 2 times in a week.
  5. Mediums like gel must be applied before you use Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe, otherwise damages may be caused to the machine
  6. Some treatment receivers may experience tinnitus during the Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe treatment, which is normal due to the property of ultrasonic waves.
  7. The Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe cannot be used on head(area above neck), breast, back and sexual organs.
  8. Drink water after the treatment.
  9. What you need to remember is you are highly likely to regain weight if you still eat high-calorie foods after treatment.

Last Thing

When you buy a beauty machine of this kind, you need to make sure the machine operator or treatment performer gets proper training, otherwise adverse effects may be produced. It is also very important to do something conducive to the realization of optimal treatment effects before and after treatment like drinking more water, having a healthy diet and taking regular exercise.

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