Butt Lift Machine: How to Use It?

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  • How does a vacuum therapy machine work?
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  • Introduction to a vacuum butt lifting and breast enlargement machine
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What is a butt vacuum therapy machine?

What is a butt vacuum therapy machine?

Butt vacuum therapy is a revolutionary, noninvasive procedure to help lift your buttocks, enlarge your breasts, and give you smoother and firmer skin. The procedure stimulates muscles and breaks cellulite and fatty deposits, eliminating toxins and boosting lymphatic drainage. It also helps to restore your skin's elasticity. The therapy is noninvasive and effective.

How does a vacuum therapy machine work?

How does a vacuum therapy machine work?

The machine utilizes the principle of vacuum. With cups of various sizes, the instrument produces suctions of different levels, lifting your breasts or buttocks and resulting in their enlargement. A vacuum inside the cup congests local capillaries, enhances cell viability, boosts body functions, and improves immunity.

The vacuum's mechanical stimulation is delivered to the central nervous via a reflex pathway, making neural activity balanced. The suction and release of air pressure and the increase and decrease of vacuum during an operation make pores open and close continuously, promote skin breathing, increase oxygen uptake, and speed up waste removal.

Who can use the machine?

You can enjoy vacuum therapy if you encounter one of the following situations:

  • Withslack and saggy hips or have accumulated fat.
  • Your buttock shape is not good-looking, flat, loose, or with outward expansion.
  • With cold hips or low hip temperature.
  • Your breast shape looks ordinary, or you have accessory breasts.
  • You have breast nodules, slight hyperplasia, or experience distending pain in the breasts during menstruation.
  • Your breasts have free fat, show outward expansion, or are saggy.
  • After childbirth, you have a less developed mammary gland, mastatrophy, loose breasts, or blocked lactiferous ducts.
vacuum therapy machine

Introduction to a vacuum butt lifting and breast enlargement machine

It has 12 pairs of vacuum cups and three metal grease cups, meeting diversified needs. With these cups, you can change your breasts' size and shape without pain or health implications. So is the same with the buttocks. It's a noninvasive treatment to give you natural, more rounded, and larger buttocks and breasts.  

The breast enlargement and buttock lifting machine can achieve the following benefits:

  • It can remove toxins and wastes from your body, boost circulation, and promote collagen activity.
  • It can lift flabby skin, remove wrinkles and under-eye bags, and relieve double chin.
  • It can improve muscle elasticity, stimulate fibers, enhance breasts, and lift your buttocks.

How to use the machine:

  • Select vacuum cups per a user's condition, connect a plastic tube to the cup, and link the cup with the main unit.
  • Ensureall are in place and turn on the machine.
  • Adjust the level of vacuum (you'd better start with the lowest level and increase it gradually) and other parameters like the operating time.
  • Place the cup on a treated part (breasts or buttocks), and leave it there for a period (for specific, please refer to the manual).
  • When the working time runs out, remove the cup, clean the treated area, and put everything back.
Introduction of vacuum therapy machine

Note: If the cups and main unit mentioned above cannot serve your needs or you want to elevate your treatment to the next level, you can try vacuum cups of larger size (which are 180 ml, 210 ml, and 180 ml, respectively) and a new vacuum therapy machine.

FAQ about vacuum therapy machine


  • Q: Is vacuum therapy effective?
  • A: Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive, pain-free, and effective procedure. It promotes blood circulation and enhances lymphatic drainage, and produces collagen elastin. That is how it improves a treated area's texture and makes it look toned.
  • Q: What are the differences between Brazilian butt lift and butt vacuum therapy?
  • A: Unlike Brazilian butt lift, this vacuum therapy uses a noninvasive way to sculpt your buttocks. Like lymphatic drainage, the treatment uses some particular vacuum cups to lift and contour your hips.
  • Q: Does vacuum therapy for butt lift work?
  • A: The answer is yes. Its outcomes are certain, and the therapy works pretty well on the buttocks. Like any other procedure to improve the looks of the body, you need to develop a healthy lifestyle: have a sound and balanced diet and exercise regularly. As such, you can have sustained results. Moreover, you can benefit from it more if you get professional guidance. 
  • Q: What are the possible side effects of vacuum therapy?
  • A: The side effects are minor since it is a non-surgical treatment. It causes no pain, but you may feel transient discomfort during the treatment. Besides, your skin may get tightened or puffy after a session. Sometimes, redness also occurs to a treated part but does not cause bruising. All these symptoms are short-lived and will disappear in days.

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