How to Select a Professional Massage Table?

by FBelle

It's not exaggerated to say that a massage table is key to providing follow-up quality services for our customers. That is why service providers need to have professional, modern massage beds. To find the proper professional massage bed, we need to balance and consider two factors: aesthetics and performance. We cannot make our clients feel nervous or afraid when getting lost in enjoyment.

As a result, a service provider is obligated to offer a good experience for every customer and create a relaxed atmosphere. But how to choose the best massage table for your needs? This article will tell you what factors to consider when purchasing a massage table.


How to choose a professional massage table?

You need to consider two factors when purchasing the right massage table: the client's comfort and the therapist's effectiveness. You have to ensure a client can comfortably lie down on the massage table while the therapist can provide efficient treatment. The following will provide some references for you about how to choose the right massage table.


  • The dimension of the massage bed

The first factor you have to think over is the size of a massage table. When purchasing a massage bed, you need to consider your preferences and requirements and the situation of your guests to optimize your service. The width of the bed should be set between 70 and 80 centimeters. You can also consider installing armrests to expand space. The length of the bed is about 185 centimeters, and some massage beds are equipped with face and leg rests. As for the height, the precondition is to offer effective services.


  • Adjustability

Non-adjustable massage tables may not meet the needs in all situations. Therefore, adjustability is also an essential factor in choosing a massage table. An adjustable massage table can meet the requirements of various clients and make physical therapists' work more accessible. It can also guarantee a considerate treatment and improve the comfort of the client.


  • Whether it is portable and foldable

If you need to move the massage table often or use it somewhere else, you should consider its portability. If you do not want a massage bed to occupy too much space and put it away after you're done, you'd better purchase a massage bed that is foldable. Usually, the weight of a portable massage table should exceed 20 kg; otherwise, it is too heavy for physical therapists to carry it elsewhere. A portable, lightweight massage table can ensure we can use it at any time without taking up extra space.


  • Weight capacity

Weight capacity, also known as "working weight, " is the total weight an object can hold. We must ensure that the massage table is load-bearing. Of course, it depends on the client's weight and the amount of pressure applied during treatment. Typically, the weight capacity of a massage table cannot be less than 220 kg. In addition, you should consider the capacity based on the weight of the client and the pressure required. You can't have the customer lying on the massage table feeling panicky, which will compromise the customer experience.


  • Foam thickness

Comfort is crucial to a customer's incredible experience. Therefore, you need to ensure the comfort of your customers top priority. We all hope our customers have a perfect experience so they will come back. That is why the foam thickness of the massage table becomes particularly important. For this reason, you should choose a massage table with a high-quality foam thickness to ensure adequate support and comfort for your customers. In addition, the quality and thickness of the foam will determine how long the massage table will last. A foam of good quality will, of course, last longer.


  • Price

Budget is the last factor you need to think over.

The budget usually depends on what you value: quality or quantity. But whatever the price, you should always put quality first. The ideal situation is finding a massage table that meets your budget and your needs. Usually, a reasonable, portable massage table costs around $120, which is a perfect choice for those looking for a professional massage table. Plus, if you're a professional and want to start your own massage business or upgrade your massage table, the table may cost you around $300. Please don't skimp on the price and make it a priority to improve customer comfort and security. Saving money may be a good option in the short term, but it will have a negative effect on your business in the long run.



What is the best massage table? Different people have different opinions. You can get your desired massage table if you follow the principles above, including price, foam thickness, bearing capacity of the massage bed, dimension, portability, and foldability.

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