How to Pick a Massage Table?

by zhanray
use of massage

Speaking of massage bed, the first thing that comes to mind is Phoebe from Friends, yes, the quirky guitar singer and masseuse Phoebe, many people love Phoebe because she was born in a terrible family, according to the normal development, she should be sensitive, low self-esteem, depression, even is supposed to spend a lifetime drowning in the shadow of childhood, however, Phoebe has surprisingly grown into the way that everyone unexpected, she does not have a bitter grudge against the world, but embraced the world, we can often see her carrying massage bed for customers to provide door-to-door massage services, which also gave birth to many classic scenes. So back to the topic, how to pick a right massage bed? Today here we provide you with 3 options.

OT-bed3 Massage table with 3 folds, Salon bed

Basic information

Price: $163.98 $98.00

Size: 84in*23.6in*24.2 – 33.4in (unfolding)

Weight: 20.89KG

Folds: 3 folds

Cushion material: foam

Stable and sturdy massage table


It is a portable and triple folding massage bed, if you are bothered with not enough space at your home or in your vehicle, this is your best choice. It adopts high-strength steel wire ropes to connect the body, which provide the Max. load capacity up to 551lbs. And the height is adjustable, you could find 2 twisting adjustment knobs on each leg for 8 kinds of different height. It is easy to set up and fold up bed, additional tool is not necessary at all, just open the case and you will see the bed legs as well as other accessories. Pull out the bed by legs and set it to the height you need, and mount other accessories according to your need. This folding massage bed could be used for multiple purposes such as home massage, SPA, beauty salon, tattoo etc.

OT-bed2 folding massage table, SPA table, Massage Couch

Basic information

Price: $129.98 $98.00

Size (unfolding): 84in*23.6in*23.6 – 32.7in

Size (folding): 36.2in*23.6in*5.5in

Weight: 20.89KG

Folds: 2 folds

Cushion material: foam

outlook of massage


We all know that massage could help us to relax physically and mentally, relief stress, get better sleep and smooth mood. This massage bed is able to help you get a comfortable massage experience, the support structure is made of beech wood and the cushion is soft, and covered with durable PVC leather, function in waterproof and oilproof. No matter you want it for home use or take it out, it meets your requirements perfectly. The height could adjust as well, moderate height makes it possible to protect massagist body.

OT-bed Massage bed 2 sections folding, SPA table

Basic information

Price: $163.00

Size (unfolding): 84in*27.6in*24 – 34in

Size (folding): 36.2in*27.6in*5.5in

Weight: 23.35KG

Folds: 2 folds

Cushion material: deluxe memory foam

features of massage table

If you would like your client to get a better massage experience, this one is a pretty good choice since it uses high-density, multi-layer deluxe memory foam in the cushion, thus it could provide better support and comfort. The classic match of burlywood and black brings you deluxe visual enjoyment, and help you to relax.

After viewing the above 3 massage beds, I think you have learned the basic information of them. The most cost-effective are OT-bed3 and OT-bed3, they both cost at $98, but there is minor difference that OT-bed2 is 24% off with original price $129.98, when OT-bed3 is 40% off with original $163.98, so if these two options are both acceptable for you, it seems like OT-bed3 is more cost-efficient. If the storage is your fist request, then OT-bed2 would be better for you, since it is double foldable which means it takes up less space. If you are chasing for extreme comfort and not care much for the cost, then the OT-bed is customized for you, with cushion made of high-density, multi-layer deluxe memory foam, it would make you feel much comfortable. Besides, all of these beds are equipped with a face cradle, a swinging hand pallet, two armrests, and a breathing hole, these accessories are all removable and adjustable, you can set the best position as you need. Besides, if you are new to Carol & Esthetician, now sign up and get promote code of $15 without limit, for more information please visit Carol & Esthetician.

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