How to Deal With Excess Unwanted Hair Growth

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Understanding the Excess Unwanted Hair Growth Causes

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Hormonal Factors

Your endocrine system can have disturbances in the form of imbalanced hormones. This is a frequent cause of excess unwanted hair growth. The hormones especially involved in this are testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone is a male hormone. It gives them secondary sex characteristics including facial hair. If it is present in excess in women, it can lead to increased hair growth even in them. This is one of the main issue that how to get rid of excessive hair growth.

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If your estrogen level is not in balance, this can also cause excess hair growth. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome face this condition. In PCOS, the imbalance of hormone causes various symptoms. Some of them include irregular periods and increased unwanted hair growth.  This is mainly because of excess production of androgen.

Hirsutism is another condition characterized by coarse, dark hair growth in women. This hair growth is in areas where women have no hair or have fine hair. These areas can be the back, chin, abdomen, chest, and upper lip. This condition is because of the increased sensitivity of these women to androgen.

When you have a better understanding of hormone, you are more likely to go for targeted therapies. And you are in a better position to know how to deal with excessive hair growth.

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Genetics is an important factor that can contribute to excess unwanted hair growth. If you have a family history with increased unwanted hair growth, you are likely  to have the same. Your familial genetics can give you an idea about the distribution and density of hair on your body. If your mother or some other relative has the problem of thick excess unwanted hair growth, you can have it too. Likewise, if you belong to an ethnic group that is inclined to have dark, thick hair, you are also likely to have the same. This understanding helps you take individualized approach for managing excess unwanted hairs.


The medications you take can also have excess unwanted hair growth as one of their side effects. Some medications that can do this include anticonvulsants, anabolic steroids, and hormonal treatments. These can make the hair coarse and thick increasing its density. This happens because these medications disturb the normal cycle of hair growth.

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Anticonvulsants like phenytoin cause disturbance in your hair patterns. Hormonal treatments like replacement of testosterone also do the same. Anabolic steroids used for building muscles can increase the male hormones in you. This will trigger the growth of excess unwanted hair.

All those taking these medications must know their impact on hair growth. When you know what medicine is causing you this problem, you can consult a doctor to replace it or adjust its dose. You can also go for other methods for managing excessive hair growth.

Temporary Hair Removal Methods:

Here are some tips for controlling excess hair:


One of the methods most people use for getting rid of their unwanted hair is shaving. It is a very simple and easily available option. You can do it at home. There are no lengthy preparatory procedures, rather you can have a quick application. It is not heavy on your budget but quite cost-effective so you will love to go for this method. Now why not know some of the drawbacks of this method? As this method cuts hair from the surface leading to its rapid regrowth, you have to do it frequently. Also, if you are not good with its technique or you have sensitive skin, you can get razor bumps. You can tackle this issue if you exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly. This method is good if you are looking for something budget-friendly and simple.


Depilatory creams

Depilation is quite common among people and most of you are already experts on this. The chemicals such as alkalies in these depilatory creams break the hair proteins. This disrupts the structure of your hair. You can remove this disrupted structure from your skin using water or some cloth. It serves as a great alternative to shaving that gives you smoother skin than shaving too. But, its effectiveness can be different for different people. Some people may not see the results they desire from this method. In this case, they can choose some other method.

Another issue you can have with this method is an increased chance of irritation on your skin. This happens because of harsh chemicals in these creams that act on your hair to remove them. If you want to try this method for the first time, do a patch test as mentioned on the box of the cream. This will tell you if you have any sensitivity to this cream and then you should not use it for more body areas.

If going for this method, follow all the instructions mentioned on the packaging. This will help you get best results safely. If these creams stay on the skin longer than mentioned, you can have irritation. These depilatory creams let you remove hairs from large areas easily. They have become a popular choice for those who want to immediately get rid of excess unwanted hair. Also it is a pain-free way. But, you also need to do it after a few days depending on how soon your hairs come back.


This method is based on the use of hot or cold wax which is a very sticky liquid. This wax is applied to the area from where you need to remove your hair. For some waxes, you have to apply some pressure for a few seconds with a paper strip or cloth. This let the wax stick better with the hair. Remove the wax along with the hair from its root. For this, you have to remove the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth.


As this method is pulling the hair from its roots and also in the opposite direction, this will give you pain. But this pain level varies for different people and if you get used to this method, you may feel less pain. It also gives you smoother skin than other methods mentioned. The results of this hair removal method also last longer. This happens because waxing removes hairs from their roots. It takes some time for hairs to regrow. Also, you will observe that hairs that come after waxing are finer than the hairs you used to have. Doing waxing regularly greatly reduces your hair density with time.

For removing excess unwanted hairs from your sensitive areas, go for professional services. Or do it at home if you are quite an expert in it. Professionals use the right technique which removes hairs with less discomfort. You can see slight redness or irritation after this. This is likely to go away on its own in some time. You can apply some calming oil too.

Those looking for a method that gives a respite for longer periods find waxing quite useful. This method prevents the hassle of removing hair every other day. Waxing is a very famous hair removal method in the cosmetology world.


This is an age-old technique for removing hair. The thick mixture used for removing hair in this has sugar, water, and lemon. Sugaring is better than waxing for removing hair from sensitive skin. It is gentler than waxing and also has fewer chemicals. The sugar mixture or paste used in it makes less contact with the skin than wax. This lessens the chances of irritation that can happen with waxing. The results of both sugaring and waxing are almost similar. Both remove hairs from their roots and give smoother skin for a longer period. The pain you feel varies among individuals. Most people are of the view that sugaring gives you less pain than waxing.

If you prefer natural methods and more gentle techniques, sugaring is for you.

Semi-Permanent Hair Removal Methods:


This is one of the tested and proven solutions for unwanted hair growth. It first inserts a fine probe into your hair follicle. Then the technician applies an electric current to destroy this hair follicle. One of the benefits associated with electrolysis is that it works for all types of hair and all hair colors. So it covers a broader target audience. It also gives a comprehensive hair removal treatment. But, there are also some drawbacks associated with electrolysis.


One major one is that it is a long-duration process to get the required results. You have to go through many sessions to complete this process in the entire desired area. The cost you have to pay depends on the level of treatment you need so if you need more, you have to pay more. Different individuals have different levels of pain experienced with electrolysis. Some only feel minimal pain. This method works best for smaller specific body areas.

Laser Hair Removal

In the world of dermatology, one of the effective ways to deal with excess hair is laser hair removal. This method also targets the hair follicles like electrolysis. But, it uses concentrated light energy instead of electric current. This is a semi-permanent method of hair removal. Different laser types work for different hair colors and skin tones. Some of the types are Nd: YAG and Alexandrite. People with coarse, dark hair get better laser treatment results. People with lighter hair tones go through more laser sessions than those with dark tones. The machine used in this treatment is a laser hair removal machine

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Before, professionals used it only. Now, easy-to-use versions are available for home use. This machine works to damage the hair follicles by using controlled pulses. This process inhibits the regrowth of hairs.

The sensation during this laser method is like that of a rubber band moving against your skin. Although some people may feel more discomfort. You usually need several laser sessions to reduce your excess unwanted hairs. These sessions are done after weeks. You may experience some redness or slight swelling with this treatment. Consulting a healthcare professional helps you better tackle this issue.

Lifestyle Tips and Self-Care:

Healthy diet and exercise

Focus on eating a well-balanced diet and doing regular physical activity. This helps to balance your hormones, improve well-being, and positively impact hair growth.  Nutrient-rich diet and exercise regulate the levels of hormones and improve hormonal health. When hormone levels get balanced, conditions associated with increased hair growth also reduce. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins in your diet. Stay well-hydrated. This makes your body healthy with a good balance of hormones. It also keeps your hair growth in check. By doing regular exercise, you feel less stressed and have better blood circulation. Your body is now in good condition for dealing with unwanted hair growth.  

Stress management

Stress is a significant contributor to your imbalanced hormone levels. That's why it causes excess hair growth. Increased cortisol hormone levels, caused by chronic stress, disturb the balance of hormones. This leads to increased hair growth. Do yoga, meditation, or any activity you enjoy to reduce your stress levels. Being mindful reduces stress levels, promotes good emotional well-being, and regulates hormones. One tip for controlling excess hair is to include stress-reducing techniques in lifestyle.

Body Positivity and Self-Acceptance

Despite excess unwanted hair, think positively about your body and accept yourself. Focus on enhancing your health and well-being. You don't need to worry much about excess unwanted hair growth patterns. When you accept yourself, your mental health improves. You don't feel low because of these imperfections in your body. You have accepted them completely. Your body is unique and different hair growth patterns on it are natural. Have a positive self-image, and stay confident. You are not what you look like but what you are from inside. This positivity and self-acceptance let you manage unwanted hair on your body better.


Genetic, hormonal, and lifestyle factors cause excess hair growth. You can use temporary hair removal methods. These include shaving, depilatory creams, waxing, and sugaring. You can also choose semi-permanent hair removal methods. These include electrolysis and laser. Always consult a healthcare professional to make the best decision. This will help you choose the best removal method for you. Get individualized treatment advice from them. A healthy lifestyle always helps to balance hormones. Using the right approach, you can manage your excess unwanted hair growth. But even with them, don't feel less confident, and keep your self-worth always in mind. Remember to celebrate your unique beauty. Acknowledge that your beauty is more than your physical appearance.

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