EMS Sculpture Machine: An Effective Procedure to Contour Your Body

by zhanray

In this article:

  • What is EMS?
  • How does EMS sculpt machine work?
  • Who can not useEMS slimming machines?
  • Introduction to EMS body contouring machines
  • FAQs


What is EMS?

EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation in full, is a procedure that triggers muscles to contract by utilizing electrical impulses, which can act on the motor neurons.

An EMS sculpture machine can transmit the sensation to your whole body. The contraction is rapid, frequent, and consistent which can last for several seconds or even minutes each time. It is a good choice for muscle building and fat burning.

EMS is a targeted, high-intensity electromagnetic energy therapy for body contouring. This innovative and non-surgical body shaping instrument can consume fat while building muscles. The focused electromagnetic field can penetrate the skin and reach fat layers, activating all levels of muscle contraction.

how does MES sculpt machine work

How does EMS sculpt machine work?

The muscle-building machine applies non-invasive EMS technology. It can release high-frequency magnetic energy using EMS handpieces, which penetrate muscles as deep as 8cm and triggers continuous muscle expansion and contraction. Doing so can achieve high-intensity intense training, facilitate myofibrils growth (muscle enlargement), and generate myofiber (muscle hyperplasia) and collagen chains. That is how it exercises and increase muscle density and tone it.

The muscle contraction triggered by EMS handpieces can trigger multiple lipolyses, which causes fatty acids to be released from triglyceride acid and concentrated fat cells in large amounts. Since the concentration of fatty acid is too high, it forces fat cells to burst and be removed from your body through body metabolism in a short period. Thus, the EMS beauty muscle instrument can strengthen and increase muscles while achieving the effect of reducing fat

Who can not use EMS slimming machines?

  • With heart diseases or high blood pressure or implant a cardiac pacemaker. 
  • With acute inflammation, asthma, deep vein thrombosis, thyrocele, or cancer.  
  • With hemorrhagic disease or trauma or who is bleeding.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Implant medical plastic parts or artificial parts inside the body.
  • With metal objects inside the body.
  • With skin inflammation or edema.
  • With an abnormal immune system.

Introduction to EMS body contouring machines

  1. EMT Microcurrent Body Sculpting Muscle Building Machine
EMT Microcurrent Body Sculpting Muscle Building Machine

It applies high-energy, focused electromagnetic wave technology to cause continuous muscle contractions that help you exercise muscles and burn fat. The outcomes of the process are improved muscle density and toned muscle, better body contouring, and a slender and muscular figure. Moreover, it can reduce belly fat and build up the foundation under the fat.

  1. EMS Body Sculpture Skin Tightening Weight Loss Beauty Equipment


EMS Body Sculpture Skin Tightening Weight Loss Beauty Equipment

EMS is a non-invasive physical therapy. It uses electrical impulses produced by electrodes to act on your skin which can cause the muscle to contract repeatedly.

The machine has the following benefits:

  • It is safe, uses no anesthesia, and requires no downtime
  • It makes you feel like doing intensive exercise
  • It exercises muscles (over 10% increase in muscle mass) and burns fat (more than 10% of fat reduction) at the same time
  • It delivers quick outcomes and asks for fewer treatment sessions


  • Q: Which body parts can I use an EMS machine?
  • A: You can use the machine on your abdomen, buttocks, upper arms, and legs.
  • Q: How long does an EMS session take?
  • A: Usually, a session will take about half an hour. And the process is quite simple. You only have to fasten the handpieces to a treated part, set its operating time, and wait until the time runs out.
  • Q: What should I pay attention after an EMS treatment?
  • A: For the sake of optimal outcomes, you need to do the following: follow your routine diet and drink more water; avoid eating and drinking too much, and do not eat spicy or greasy food, which may affect metabolism.
  • Q: Is it painful when using the equipment?
  • A: The treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical and requires no anesthesia. The feelings are just like when you do strenuous exercise. It is quite a relaxing experience.
  • Q: What can an EMS machine do?
  • A: It's mainly used to build muscles, reduce fat, and sculpt the body. Electrical stimulation is a treatment that is designed to stimulate muscles with electrical current to acquire particular effects. Electrical muscle stimulation delivers low-voltage electrical pulses to the muscle through electrodes. The device is placed on your skin to force your muscle to exercise. The muscle contraction serves two distinct aims: first, to reduce inflammation; second, to improve the muscle and tone it. Therefore, it can avoid muscle fatigue and pain.
  • Q: Can I use it at home?
  • A: Yes. A home-use EMS machine is small in size and easy to carry, allowing you to use it at home or anywhere you want.
  • Q: What are the implications of using an EMS body contouring machine?
  • A: EMS brings about positive changes to the body but also carries some risks. The side effects include skin irritation at the part where you place the handpieces. Moreover, you may experience headaches or painful sensations when using the handpiece on or near a person's head or neck. You may have hurt muscles if you use it on joints or atrophic muscles, etc. And if you overuse it, you may also feel pain in your joints and muscle groups.

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