Aristorm S Shape Machine for Fat Removal is Launching

by zhanray

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  • What is an Aristorm S Shape machine, and how does it work?
  • What are the new features of an Aristorm S Shape machine?
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Are you searching for new methods to lose fat and slim your body? Were you held back after failing to achieve the desired goals? Don't worry. You are going to have a new helper: an Aristorm S Shape machine.In the coming several days, we are going to launch the machine. This article will give you some knowledge about the new instrument. It will not let you know. Let's have a look.

What is an Aristorm S Shape machine, and how does it work?

What is an Aristorm S Shape machine, and how does it work?

An Aristorm S Shape cavitation machine is a non-surgical and non-invasive method to dissolve fat in a treated body area. The procedure utilizes sound waves of low frequency to destroy fat cells while keeping the nearby cells and tissue unharmed. The damaged cells are processed and removed via the lymphatic system and metabolism. That is how fat cells get less and less and how we achieve fat removal and body shaping. 

What are the new features of an Aristorm S Shape machine?

What are the new features of an Aristorm S Shape machine?

The machine owns some new features, including:

  • It combines an S Shape 30k handpiece and a cavitation 2.5 30k handpiece, conducting double cavitation with more noticeable results.
  • It can penetrate the deep skin layer and target fat deposits there (30k <80W>  targets fat in deep skin layers, and 30k <40W> removes fat close to the skin.).
  • You can set up and use the equipment easily (That means you don't have to adjust the parameters, including energy intensity and running time; all are set.).
  • It is more affordable and cost-effective in the long term compared with treatments performed in a beauty center.
  • The device is small and portable, allowing you to carry it anywhere you want.
  • Videos on treatments for specific body parts will be offered.
About the presale of Aristorm S Shape machines

About the presale of Aristorm S Shape machines

The new machine is ready for presale, which will extend from September 5 to September 15 (Beijing Time).

You can get a coupon of $100 during this period when you prepare to purchase one from us. But you need to enjoy the discount within the presale period; otherwise, it will be invalid.

The machine is priced at $458 (shipping fee included). Shipping will be made immediately after the presale ends.

Please keep your eyes on us, get ready, and do not miss the opportunity to set out on the journey to a beautiful world.


Q: What should I pay attention to when using an Aristorm S Shape machine?

A: You need to keep the following precautions in mind:

  • Use it in an environment with a temperature between 16℃and 35℃.
  • Clean the instrument right away after use and keep it properly to extend its service life.
  • Use parts provided or suggested by the original manufacturer.
  • Do not leave it near an intense heat source since this may affect its service life and regular use.
  • Do not operate the equipment on the eyes, thyroid, parathyroid, testicles, a pregnant woman's abdomen, a pacemaker, etc.  
  • Remove metal decorations from your body before a session; otherwise, unexpected situations may occur, affecting the curative effect.
  • Turn off the equipment if no one uses it to ensure safety.
  • Those with implanted metal stents (not including a contraceptive ring placed inside a women's uterus) or prostheses inside breasts cannot use it.
  • Women in menstruation, pregnancy, or breastfeeding are not allowed to use it.
  • Those who did cesarean in the past six months, experienced a miscarriage in the past three months, or had natural labor in the past two months cannot use it.
  • Start from the lowest energy level and gradually increase it after getting used to it.
  • You must keep treated parts moist and avoid operating the instrument in dry skin conditions.
  • Strictly use the equipment and train operators per instructions specified in the manual.


Q: Can I use the machine after giving birth?

A: You need to wait at least three months after natural labor. If you have doubts, you'd better get advice from some professionals to determine what is the right choice for you.


Q: What can I do to facilitate the outcome of a cavitation session?

A: You can drink lots of water (at least two liters) before and after a treatment to promote metabolism. Engaging in some activities and workouts is also a reasonable means for optimal results.  


Q: What are the differences between S Shape cavitation and fat freezing?

A: Both are non-invasive treatments for fat removal. But first, they differ in working principles. The former uses low-frequency sound waves to destroy fat cells, while fat freezing utilizes cooling pads to freeze and kill the cells. Although none of them asks for surgery and the downtime is minimal, it takes weeks to months to show the results. In terms of expense, ultrasonic cavitation is more affordable, which costs $250 to $350 per session. However, a coolsculpting treatment will double and even triple the cost of cavitation, with a session charging between $600 and $1,000.

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