5 Tips To Care Fall Skin

by zhanray

 As we know, any change in weather calls for skincare adjustments, and as soon as the temperature drops, our skin lets us know all about it. Skin tightness, dryness and seasonal breakouts can really put a dampener on the changing season. No worry, here are some quick tips to help transition your skincare routine, to help repair summer skin.

1: Switch To A More Moisturizing Cleanser

As temperatures plummet, humidity levels do too, and our skin loses moisture to the dry air around us. Make the first move and outsmart moisture-loss by swapping your light cleanser for something a little more hydrating. A micellar cleansing water can help hydrate parched, sun-kissed skin, and support your skin's barrier to help protect you from the damaging effects of the cold weather to come.

2: Swap Your Moisturizer For Something Richer

Adding a richer moisturizer to your routine is a quick way to help skin out during changing seasons. If you still love your lighter lotion, just switch it up once a day-and pick something richer for nighttime like  sleeping cream.

Lips are often the first to feel the cold (chapped and flaky). We like to put an extra bit of moisturizer on our lips and then follow up with a rich barrier balm.

3: Embrace Facial Oil

It might seem unthinkable to let oil touch your face during the summer days. But oil actually isn't bad for your face at all. An antioxidant-rich facial oil is a great way to nourish all skin types in the fall when more moisture is needed.

4: Don't Forget Sunscreen

Facial sunscreen is a daily essential even in autumn—especially since overcast days can make you forget that sun rays are still beaming down on you. Use a facial moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 15 and reapply every couple of hours if you're going to step outside.

5: Enjoy A New Hand Cream

It's so important to carry a good hand cream in the colder months, and reapply every couple of hours if you can.

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