5 Tips for Buy A Good Cavitation Slimming Machine

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Cavitation slimming machine is more and more popular among home use people, cause it is non-invasive, fast result, no side effect, easy for handle, so more people will choose to trust this technology and willing do it at home by themselves. Besides, make 5 tips about this, anyone interested in, can have a look, maybe do help for you.

Where I can Buy Good Cavitation Machines?

For now, online shop is hot, we can order a good machine from internet website. But how can we recognise a online shop if reliable? Firstly, how many people buy from this shop, this is very important, if nobody visit, you must think twice. Second, we can review the comments. How many is positive and negative quantity. Third, is a brand shop? For big brand, usually we can get good quality machine. Fourth, how about warranty the shop give you? Usually, a good shop, will state clear the warranty rules on their listing, reading it clearly before you pay for them.

Tips 2 How Much Is A Cavitation Machine Cost?

This is a questions all people focused on, and for most people, they dont know the cost of a good cavitation machine. For different handles, prie is variety from 150-3000 or more. In My opinion, for home use, we can think about machine cost between 250-650. In this cost period, usually can choose a good cavitation for ourselves.

Tips 3 How Often We Doing Cavitation Machine Treatment?

One of professional estetica told me, the best treatment time for cavitation treatment is 2 or 3 times each week, each time no more than 1 hour. ( It will depend on the function of your cavitation have, some machine have vacuum, RF, Lipo laser together. ). 10 treatments is needed for a good result. Before treatment, user must be removal all metal accessories from body, such as rings, necklace, etc. The most important: cavitation handle could not use on the back.

Tips 4 Is There A Age Limit For Do Cavitation Treatment?

For doing a cavitation machine, I don’t recommend people age lower than 20 years okd, and higher than 55 years to do. This age is no good cavitation treatment recommend arrange.  

Tips 5 Is The Energy Choose More High More Better?

Energy setting is suggested from lower to higher, base on client condition to add energy. Could not set to the highest at the first time. Could not stay on one area, need move the handle all the time.


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