Summer Sun Protection

Darker Sunglasses Are Better Than Lighter One?

Not really. Darker sunglasses can actually cause your pupil to dilate to get used to the darker enviroment, which allows more UV lights into your eyes. While lighter glasses do the opposite.
Note: Glassses with UV protection expire around the 5th year so make sure you replace new ones in time.


How Do I Apply Sunscreen? Spread It Across My Face?

There's evidence that suggests a certain amount of loss from friction during the process when you spread it across your face. Gently patting it in with fingertips can help lock in better, so don't slack off!


SPF Is Everything?

SPF15, 30, 30, 100 can resperctively blocj 93%, 97%, 98%, 99% of UVB rays. So there's really not much difference there. The key is still how much and how frequent you apply sunscreen.


Can I Still Use The Sunscreen I Bought Last Year?

Too much time spent unused will lower the SPF of any sunscreen. It's better to use it ASAP ocne you opened it.

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