Epidemic Prevention Guide | How To Use Alcohol For Disinfection Properly

1. 75% alcohol is suitable. The concentration in contact with the skin is 60% ~ 80%, and it can be used for 70% ~ 75% alcohol on the surface of the object.
2. 75% alcohol cotton tablets can not only kill the virus but also cheap.
3. Wipe handles, elevator buttons, etc. directly, do not spray heavily on air or body.
4. It is not recommended to use alcohol to spray and disinfect clothing. In case of the open flames or static electricity, combustion may occur.
5. Indoor use of alcohol needs to ensure ventilation, and keep away from high-temperature objects, do not contact with open flames.
6. Calling, smoking, using an electric mosquito swatter, etc. cannot be performed immediately after spraying high concentrations of alcohol.
7. Before use, clean the surrounding flammable and combustible materials and turn off the power before disinfecting the surface of the appliance.
8. Used towels and other cleaning tools, rinse with fresh water and dry in a ventilated place.
9. Keep alcohol at home away from sources of ignition and power. Storage containers must be sealed. Do not use uncovered containers.


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